Monday, July 11, 2016

Reunion 2016

Picnic at St Catherine's
The latest reunion took place at St Catherine's Hill in Guildford, the scene of many an Arts Lab party and poetry reading. I missed last year's, but this year got a lift with Bob Hamblett and we arrived in plenty of time to have a quick pint at the Britannia and a swift drive around the town centre to see what had changed. Graham Clarke, Rosie, Loppy and Chrissie Walsh (Fagg) were in the King's Head, naturally. We parked on Shalford Road and walked across the fields and flood meadows to the bridge, then it was up hill to the top. We were the first to arrive, but were soon joined by the rest - some folks were easy to recognise, others less so! It was a pleasant surprise to meet Jonty Tatlow, looking amazingly well for his 77 years - and John White, who was less ginger and a lot taller than I remembered!

Alfa Romeo trike
Alfa Romeo trike
Also there were Jenny (Parsons) Millington, Rosie Clarke, Tony Clarke, Chris Clarke (no relation), Gillie (Bennett) Squires, Linda (Roberts) Oubridge, Cherry (Simpson) Durrant, Sue Hussey-Yeo and Malcolm, Chrissie (Nicholls) Howting, Pete Hobbs, John Degenhardt, and Bick and wife Heather, with their amazing yellow Alfa Romeo trike, Tim McOnegal, Dave and Sylvia Reading, not to mention Pete the Meat holding court at the Old Ship Inn! If I've missed anyone, let me know. Big Thanks for Graham for organising it and here's to next year.

More photos on Flickr.