Friday, July 28, 2006

Added some photos to People 4, including a photo Gillie (Bennett) Squires sent me, possibly by Paul Clamp. She wonders if someone could identify the location by that Pete Townshend poster. Also added a pic of Bob Thomas RIP jamming on guitar taken at a free festival down in Holcolme Rogus. But who is that banjo player? And another pic of Clive Young, possibly inside Millbrook Cottage.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Added some photos to People 3 to get rid of the temp dupes, and to Places, mainly grainy photos of the half-demolished Millbrook Cottage.
It was Graham Clarke's surprise 60th birthday party over the weekend, first at l'auberge at the Onslow Arms, West Clandon on Saturday night, then a picnic at Rack's Close on the Sunday (with a few of us going to the King's Head for a pint after. Some photos here, on Flickr.